Signal boosters are ideal for those who live or work in areas with weak mobile phone signal. The signal booster works by allowing you to place an external antenna on the outside of your building and to receive signal from the nearest mobile phone tower and then takes this signal through the booster and passes it onto your internal antenna which can be mounted somewhere within your building.

The key to getting the most from your signal booster is to place your external antenna where signal is strongest outside your building and then placing your indoor antenna in your building where it offers the greatest coverage, normally in the centre. Included with most kits is 10m of cabling allowing you to move your antennas around.

There are multiple options available when it comes from choosing your right booster. Firstly you will need to decide which bandwidth suits your mobile network, in the UK 900mhz is the most popular, this is used by the O2 and Vodafone network. For those whose need more than one mobile phone network supported, there are dual band and tri band boosters available.

After choosing the right booster you will need to choose what area coverage you need, starting at 100sqm and going all the way up to 2000sqm, you are sure to find a booster that fits your needs.