Blizzard is a very successful gaming company because they always listen to user feedback and they continually improve their games.

Overwatch, their newest game and their foray into the first-person shooting niche have been quite successful. It even garnered more than 7 million players in its opening week with more playing soon after.

The game’s player base has been increasing and it would be more interesting if there are a lot of players joining in on the fun.

In a recent conference in China, Li Riqiang, president of NetEase, the official sales partner of Blizzard in China, he said that he has talked with Jeff Kaplan regarding a possible free-trial of the game.

You see, allowing players to play the game for a short time will give them the impression that a. the company is serious about their game and b. the company wants to expand its gaming community.

By dishing out free-trials, the Overwatch gaming community will surely expand exponentially. But, why do people need a free-trial for Overwatch?

That is because, at the time of writing this article, the base game costs $40, which is a lot in Eastern countries. People want to be sure that the game is fun before dishing out huge sums of money like that.

So, if Blizzard were to implement a free-trial scheme, they will create an avenue where players will get enticed to buy the base game.

Obviously, on the surface, they could implement it now but they have to make sure that not a lot of cheaters can get into the game.

If you’ve played CS:GO, you know that the game is now mired with a lot of cheaters and that is because the game is just inexpensive and should players get banned, they can easily get another copy.

Anyway, should Blizzard give a free-trial, it will really showcase the company’s ability to listen in on the community’s feedback and it will showcase how quickly they iron out the game’s problems.

Blizzard is always great when it comes to content. Players who are still reluctant in playing Overwatch will be delighted to know that the Overwatch roster will be increased in the future.

In fact, a recent patch just added a new character: the unique sniper/healer Ana. Ana is actually a quite nice addition since her skill sets prove to be an asset to any team (whether you’re on the offensive or on the defensive).

Furthermore, if there are any game-breaking bugs or one character being too damaging, Blizzard will make the appropriate adjustments.

Just take a look at the gun-slinging McCree, for example. His damage output was nerfed if it travels more than 10 meters because, well, he is not meant to shoot at really long distances.

Furthermore, the Overwatch forums are lively, with people chiming in on their concerns and tips for new players.

With the current popularity of the game, I am pretty sure that Jeff Kaplan will implement it soon.

Overwatch is available on the PC, Xbox One, and Playstation 4 game consoles.