Have you reached an exercise plateau? An exercise plateau is a term used where you cannot gain any new muscle (or lose any more weight).

This is evident if you’re already a few months in an exercise or workout program. Now, why does this happen?

Exercise Plateau is a very common thing and it is usually because your body has become accustomed to doing the same things over and over again.

We, humans, adapt until our body and minds are in sync given a certain situation. For example, if you’re doing a bench press of 100lbs with 12 reps and 3 sets, over time, you will not see any more gains because your body is already accustomed to that.

Also, when you’re dieting and you’ve eaten the same old foods for quite some time and you step on a weighing scale, you’re probably not going to see any more weight loss or fat shed. Again, this is tied to your body being accustomed to the diet plan.

Now that you know what an exercise plateau is, how do you overcome it? What are the things that you need to do?

I am glad that you asked that question because I am here to help you. There is one thing you can do to help overcome an exercise (or diet) plateau and that is to increase the intensity of your workouts.

Now, how exactly do you increase the intensity of your workouts? It is actually very simple. I am going to tackle two aspects: cardio and weightlifting.

When doing cardio, you can intensify your cardio sessions by mixing it up. For example, if you’re running on a steady speed on the treadmill, try mixing it up where you will have 10 minutes of jogging and probably 5 minutes of running on the treadmill. This is to ensure that you confuse your body, making it work harder.

You can also do High-Intensity Interval Training or (HIIT). What this basically means is that you alternate between sprinting and jogging. For example, do a sprint for say 1 minute and jog for 3 minutes afterwards. Again, this is to ensure that your body is working hard.

Now, for bodybuilders, try incorporating supersets and drop sets into your routine. Drop sets are sets where you gradually decrease your maximum record. For example, if you’re doing 100lbs of bench press and that is your current maximum, do all of those reps and decrease the weight to say 70% (or 70 lbs). Decrease the weight to 40lbs, do the same number of reps, so on and so forth. Supersets are the opposite wherein you increase the weights as opposed to decreasing it.

For dieters who do not engage in any physical activities or workouts, try changing your meals every week. This is to make sure that your body doesn’t get acclimated to the same foods, over and over again.

By following these simple tweaks such as increasing the intensity of your workouts and mixing up the foods that you will eat, you are surely going to overcome the exercise or diet plateau you’ve been stuck on for quite a while.