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10 November

HCG drops is one of the most effective weight loss solution on the market right now. Unlike other dieting solutions, it delivers results that you can see instantaneously. In order to experience the transformation it has brought to its thousands of users, it is recommended that you follow a strict diet plan. It could be a bit overwhelming at first, but eventually, the steps to achieve the desired results will be more bearable as you go along.

There are basically three phases that you have to go through in about 8 weeks. There is also a recommended preliminary stage.

Preliminary Stage: Cleansing

For about ten days to two weeks, it is recommended that you drink a lot of lemonade to cleanse your colon. This will clear your digestive tract and prepare your body for the new diet.

Phase 1: Starting the Drops (1-2 days)

Make sure you have a weighing scale to monitor your weight every morning throughout the dieting period.

Put about 10 drops of HCG drops under your tongue. Hold them there for about a minute, and then swallow the liquid. ?????????????????????????????????????? You have to do this repeatedly three times a day - once in the morning, once in the middle of the day and the last one before taking dinner. Make sure that you take the drops 30 minutes before meals as it has to be absorbed by the body before you eat your meals.

At this stage of your journey, you have to eat as much fat as you can. The fat will be stored inside your body to serve as your energy source when you undergo the low-calorie diet. NEVER skip this stage because your physical strength will suffer if you do. The most advisable foods to eat are the most delicious ones – sweets such as pastries, milk chocolates, cakes and cookies and ice cream. You can also eat foods high in carbohydrates such as bread. Pork is also recommended.

Phase 2: The Very Low Calorie Diet (3 or 6 weeks)

The duration of Phase 2 actually depends on the weight you want to lose. If you’re trying to lose about 20 pounds, you may be able to complete this phase in about three weeks.

During this phase, you have to follow a very low calorie diet plan every single day. You will take the HCG drops 3 times a day, but only 6 days a week.

Here are some recommended foods:

For your protein supply, take two 100-gram servings of beef (lean and ground), chicken, steak, white fish, lobster, veal, shrimp or crab. Make sure that you remove all fat from the meat before you cook it. You can also eat vegetables during the diet. You can eat tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, spinach, red radishes, asparagus, chicory, beet greens, cabbage, celery, chard or fennel. It’s best to limit your vegetable to two cups of salad per serving.

For vegetarians, you can replace the daily 200-gram protein requirement with skim milk (8 oz) or half cup of cottage cheese but make sure it’s non-fat.

Bread will be your source of carbohydrates so consume about two servings per day. The most advisable kinds are Melba and Grissini.

Fruits should be limited to two servings a day. For example, you could eat an apple, half of a grapefruit, of 10 strawberries.

In addition, drink a lot of water.

Phase 3: Stop the HCG Drops

After you’ve been on the low calorie diet for 3-6 weeks, depending on your need, you can stop taking the HCG drops. By this time, your body has already burned the unwanted fat and you have also acquired a taste for healthy foods. You do not need to suppress your appetite anymore and you can gradually increase your calorie intake. In about 21 days, your weight should stabilize.

By the end of your HCG diet, you will feel the transformation, both in terms of weight and health. You can do more physical activities to make sure that the weight doesn’t come back. 

10 August

You may have heard about how the HCG diet can help you to loose pounds and inches. You may have also heard that this diet is healthy for nearly any patient, and can work for almost anyone. But have you heard about the other great benefits that the HCG diet can bring along with it, both during and after the diet? If not, you may find the following article interesting. Here, we will talk about the other things that you can enjoy during and after your time on the HCG diet.
More Energy
Believe it or not, even on a low calorie diet, you can experience more energy than you would have ever dreamed. Not only will making you feel better about yourself give you a boost in both confidence and energy, but the B vitamin cocktail, often recommended for use with HCG drops, or even included in your orders of HCG drops, will help to raise your energy level even higher. This cocktail helps you to experience an energy boost, naturally, without any sort of crash after, and also helps you to get your daily required dose of particular vitamins and minerals while following the diet r4i sdhc 3ds.
A Better Looking You
You will find that after you have slimmed down, you will experience a better looking you. You may find that your body simply looks slimmer and more toned, that problem areas have shrunk, and that you feel more confident. Or you may also find that not only do you look slimmer and feel sexier, but that you also appear younger than you have in years. Excess weight often ages the appearance of your body, as well as your face. But the HCG diet can help you get those lost years back again.
A Healthier Lifestyle
Many patients find, after the HCG diet, that they naturally adopt a healthier lifestyle because they want to. A healthier lifestyle will help you to keep the weight off for longer, as well, another added benefit. As with any other diet plan when you start to exercise and eat better you will notice that you feel much better overall, that you have more energy, lowered stress levels, and more. The HCG diet can truly help patients to turn their lives around, permanently, by boosting their weight loss, as well as their knowledge of how to eat to keep the weight off.